02 Jun 2023

Achieving Financial Freedom: A Path Towards Greater Independence

Financial advice is often sought after, and while some questions have straightforward answers, others require a more personalized approach. One of the most challenging questions is, "How do I achieve financial freedom?" 

This question proves difficult because the answer varies for each individual. Financial freedom represents the desire to no longer worry about money and to have a high degree of confidence in one's financial stability.

In today's world, where the daily grind of earning money dominates our lives, the concept of permanent relief from financial worries has become increasingly common. Financial freedom comes in different degrees, with the ultimate level being the ability to sustain oneself without the need to work for the rest of one's life. However, this level of financial freedom is often attained only after an entire working life, or in special circumstances.

To better understand the concept of financial freedom, it is essential to articulate the different levels it encompasses.

One commonly encountered list includes the following levels:

1. Clarity: Understanding your financial position and what you can achieve.

2. Self-sufficiency: Earning enough money to cover your expenses independently.

3. Breathing room: Escaping the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck.

4. Stability: Having six months of living expenses saved and being free from consumer debt.

5. Flexibility: Accumulating at least two years' worth of living expenses as savings.

6. Financial independence: Generating enough income from investments that working becomes optional.

7. Abundant wealth: Accumulating more money than you'll ever need.

Although the list may include some padding to reach seven levels, it provides a general progression of the idea of financial freedom. Realistically, not everyone will aim for the highest levels, but engaging in systematic thinking about financial freedom is far from futile.

When it comes to seeking guidance on financial matters, it is crucial to rely on professional advice rather than solely depending on tips from friends and family. Professional financial advisers offer several advantages, such as independence, ethical confidentiality, and the ability to assess their clients' financial progress, identify potential challenges, and provide valuable guidance. 

The fact remains that even achieving lower levels of financial freedom earlier in life, with a modest amount of planning and investment, can be just as rewarding as attaining higher levels later on. With the current job crisis in India, where many individuals face unemployment or struggle to find suitable employment, achieving any form of financial freedom at a younger age holds greater importance. While the mechanics of achieving these goals require careful planning and execution, the true value lies in adopting a systematic approach, setting targets, and working diligently toward financial independence.

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