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Elevate Your Team with Exclusive Benefits and Perks

Perks are a great way to show employees they are valued. With our cost effective, comprehensive employee perks platform, it’s easy.


Employers seek all-in-one benefits and perks platform


Employees desire more perks for job satisfaction


Employees seek intuitive employer tech


Employers prefer platforms to simplify admin


Say hello to Perks,
Say bye to hassles

Provide your employees with exclusive perks and benefits, including pre-negotiated deals on financial wellness, fitness, and gift cards. Cater to their diverse needs.

Your Challenges

HRs and founders face challenges in providing benefits and perks. They need to identify suitable benefit partners, manage multiple vendors, and handle complex administrative processes. These tasks take up valuable time, hindering their ability to focus on strategic planning and business growth.

Our Solutions simplifies employee benefits and perks by providing easy access to pre-negotiated corporate benefits and seamless integration within your HRMS. Our platform makes it easy for you to elevate employee experience, reduce administrative burden, and drive engagement.

Explore our Perks Platform

Supercharge your employee experience with our full suite of benefits and perks.
Boost performance and productivity through specially curated employee engagement events at exclusive prices.

Health and Wellness

Facilitate employee health benefits and wellbeing with ease

Group Health Insurance
Health Cards
Mental health counselling plans
Access Perks Events

Financial Wellness

Empower and elevate your employees to unleash financial wellness for a secure future

Earned wage access
Top up insurance
Instant Loan
Government scheme access
Access Perks Events

Employee engagement

Amp up engagement to create a culture of achievement and maximize performance

Hybrid team building activities
Gym subscriptions
Cashbacks and discounts on regular spends
Savings in digital gold
Access Perks Events

Rewards & Recognition

Foster a culture of appreciation to motivate and retain top talent through rewards and recognition

Employee gifting solutions
Integrated wallet management
Peer to peer recognition platform
Access Perks Events

Talking "Fan truths" with HRs

It was a great experience using Perks for purchasing Cultfit plans for our employees! The team at Batik has made the entire experience of activating benefits and perks very quick, simple and easy-to-navigate. Not just that, we get to explore more such modern benefits and perks that our employees are keen to use.

Prashanth CH

HR Operations, Raam Group

Talking "Fan truths" with HRs

It was a great experience using Fibe. The only thing that I had to do was enter some relevant information, got the verification done in a few seconds, and instantly got the loan that i needed. The process was very quick, simple and so easy-to-navigate. Batik has simplified the process to a huge extent.


HR Specialist, Fyers

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Provide your employees the perks and experience worth bragging about that fits your budget.

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